Create Time!

Sometimes we feel 24 hours are not enough, People Say “I need some more time to live a Good Life” but trust Me, you don’t need More time rather you need a different idea, to live a better Life!  Experience this 100% New & effective program to discover some really great ideas. Here we cover diverse points to help you in real life.

  • Why Time Is Important?
  • Time is more valuable than Money? New View!
  • Your Day Defines Your Next 20 Years.
  • How much time is there with You? You can still live your Dream!
  • The Way Average People/Performer Spend His Time!
  • The Way Super Achievers invest their Time!
  • Difference Between Enjoyment Time & Wastage Time!New View!
  • Leverage Your Time!
  • How To Create Time & Time Creating Tools!
  • The Magical Tools Of Task Completion & Time Creation!

Specifications –

  • Duration- 1 Hour to 3 hours. (As requested)
  • batch size-  10 members Max.
  • Can be conducted for Individual.
  • Location as requested by individual or Mutually agreed.
  • Fees- 499 Rs per participant
  • 100 % Refundable.

For More information, inquire us at or What’s App 7506776348For

– Mahendra Kapady.

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