Be a Rainmaker!

Keep you Enthusiasm Alive! You can be Rainmaker if you just work on yourself in a different way!

Stir up your Thoughts & Experience A brand new view for Being Successful with our  session Be A Rainmaker! Here we are going to share some breakthrough points that would alter you view towards success.

  1. What is Real meaning of Success?
  2. How Success is defined by Society?
  3. Real classification/Pillars of Success!
  4. A day of successful Person!
  5. The New View of Success! Be A RainMaker!
  6. Language, Mindset & Attitude of Successful person!
  7. Compound Effect ? Its Magic in your life!
  8. Challenges of Successful Person!
  9. Structure Your days & Habits for Life elevation!
  10. How to Do Goal Setting & Goal Achievement!

Specifications –

  • Duration- 1 Hour to 3 hours.(As requested)
  • batch size-  10 members Max.
  • Can be conducted for Individual.
  • Location as requested by individual or Mutually agreed.
  • Fees- 499 Rs per participant
  • 100 % Refundable.

For More information, inquire us at or What’s App 7506776348.

– Mahendra Kapady.

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