The Beginning!

Good Evening friends,

Welcome to my blog One-Beginner! This blog is a platform where you can find New ideas, Creative ways, Thoughts, Discussions, Inspiration, Enthusiasm, unbelievable or could be never heard true stories of real life heroes, Standalone success examples with productive content and many more that can definitely change your perspective towards life and somehow force you to think to alter the direction/course of your life. I wouldn’t say that it would change the course of your life because nobody in this world can do that other than you!


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1-B Origins-

Hi, I am Mahendra Kapady. I always wanted to be inspirational writer. But it took 10 years of practical life experience and continuous learning, study to produce something (I know that’s not enough, but I am still travelling).I don’t have big credentials to make others go with me, but I am following my heart and sharing the content that coming from within and from universe. This blog is a result of my passion towards writing! The desperation towards progress, for the hunger of doing more, giving more to people and society, to pursue the art of excellence, to improve and become better version of ourselves. Hence, I am sharing few of the content of my forthcoming book that you would like to read and employ in your life! I would be sharing the facts and figures and the author, source of stories whenever I would take reference in my posts.


Why this blog?

To help you and myself! Yes, we all do need help, that’s why we human beings live in societies, not alone. We are not designed to live that way. I needed it the most when I was in my difficult time, so everybody needs help! Nobody is pro! If somebody feels he is pro and doesn’t need help, then he is not really considerate about the help he has got in some ways. Yes, we can help each other. I would share ideas, content, new ways, new view. You can give me feedback, suggestions, expectation and even new ideas from you end that I would like to share on this blog.

Yes, this blog can definitely help you to some extent but you have to help yourself! That’s the real fact! As the name depicts one beginner! We all need one idea and beginning to change the course of our life, which we can get from this universe but later all we need is a drive from within to make that small urge into a Gigantic Force. This blog, my ideas and New view can definitely help you for beginning but you need to force yourself to keep up the pace and move yourself in the direction of success!


Why One-Beginner!

I know you must be fascinated with the title. One beginner! What’s One Beginner? We were all beginners in one stage of life. To walk, to write, to learn, to go to school , to ride a bicycle, to speak, to give a speech, for a job and in many more diverse agencies of life. The first step is always difficult. All it takes is one idea & one step of courage before you make your all dreams come true, to define, receive success. The Step of beginning! Look at the most successful people. The inventors, Leaders, Athletes, Actors, businessman. Let’s take example of Mr.Thomas Edison! Wasn’t he a beginner before a prolific inventor? Definitely, He was a beginner! He begun and took probably millions of steps later in his life to become notable inventor. But the first step he took is of believing in himself and beginning! It takes the beginning, persistence and continuance to achieve gigantic success! The beginning is prime, most of the people fail in their life because they never begin! They never gather enough courage to Begin! The 3% super achievers in life are the Extraordinary Beginners before they become a notable success!

See, If you have a dream, a Goal or milestone to reach in your life, you have to walk alone first. Nobody is going to come you to help you in the starting point and push you to reach on the top. You would be all alone in the inception. May be you can somebody to join along the path, but don’t expect that to happen. See, 99.5% inventions were originated and brought to life by one person only.

You got to start with one person, i.e. with you and you only as One-Beginner!

What you can expect Here ?

  1. A New View!
  2. Inspiration & Self-help ways!
  3. Motivational Content & Phenomenal Success  Stories!
  4. Awareness about Joy, peace & Happiness!
  5. Enthusiasm towards life!

I have begun this journey to share ideas that can help you in your life to function in better way. I would share some inspirational stories, motivational content especially written by me with a touch of practicality.

Let’s Begin-

Guys, Life isn’t hopeless, No matter how difficult or worse the situation gets, there is always hope. It’s our contaminated eyesight or perspective towards life that makes it feel hope less. It’s like our operating system of living has become faulty, which shows us nothing but the blurred picture or darkness, so we feel nothing is left in this life, My life is over, I would just pass by now. But as I know for sure that it would definitely better and wonderful in the near future if you want to happen it that way. We don’t need second life or second birth, all we need is a new view!

Life is beautiful, if we really live the most of it and excel the art of living.


Same Life! Same Circumstances! Same You! But a New view!


So, Let’s Begin with a New View!

– Mahendra Kapady.

One Beginner!

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  1. Really interesting and inspirational too . To walk towards new journey and accepting new challenges in life. Keep going ..


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